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Season One - The New Episodes

The New Episodes of SBDE-TV Season One
include eight shows - Episodes 7-14,
with performances from over 50 artists.

When we got the go-ahead for SBDE-TV,
it was late in the year with a very tight deadline
for the first few shows. So, while we came up with a
format for the show, I threw together several old Hippies.TV episodes
(shot at SOUTH BY DUE EAST) for the first few episodes.
Those shows are not included here.

Beginning with Episode 7, we were in full swing
with the new format.

Artists included in this two-DVD set are -
free radicals, Connie Mims, Tommy Dardar, Brother J, Adrian & The Sickness,
Hilary Sloan, Zin, Fondue Monks, Million Year Dance, Drop Trio, Z-Rocks,
Chango Man, Hamilton Loomis, Rock Romano, Rozz Zamorano, Herschel Berry,
Dune,TX, 4Deep, Rock Romano, Al B, Miles Ahead, Leslie Newman,
Aaron Trumm, orange is in, The Rising, David Sha, House Of Moist,
Chad Ware, Big Al Bettis, Inertia justice, Frank Zweback, New Jack Hippies,
BJ Torres, Dead End Cowboys, Patrick Brink, de Sangre, The Hates,
Johnny Smith, From Tha Bottom, Mary Allen, Jambolism, Don Walsh,
Scott Daniels Band, Danny Rios, Randy Soffar, Guy Schwartz, El Gato Negrito,
Tressie Seegers, Mike Blas, Mark Davieu, Jimmy Deen, Organ Failure,
The Madisons, The Jane Frequency, K'Mante, The Big Sticks, L.L. Cooper,
Red Wave, Poets4Peace, Sandy Hickey, Chase DeRusso, Romeo Dogs,
Dr. King Cobra, Westborn, Karega Ani, J. Frederick Rhetoric & Paula Maya.

Price: $19.00 Domestic (USD)

Price: 19.00 (EUR) Europe, Japan & Elsewhere

Carolyn Wonderland
Bloodless Revolution In Amsterdam

In the fall of 2003, Carolyn Wonderland took her band to Amsterdam to celebrate her birthday (and meet up with Mr. Dylan!)

With her band, she performed two nights at Maloe Melo, and really rocked!

This DVD was filmed and recorded at those two shows...

Price: $19.00 Domestic (USD)

Price: 19.00 (EUR) Europe, Japan & Elsewhere

The Formaldehyde Funk Men
Live 1.23.2005

In the fall of 2004, Texas music icon Mr.Scarface, arguably the godfather of hiphop from the Dirty South, along with his musicial director Mike Dean, put together an amazingly tight 11 piece funk band.

They only performed twice, before the release of the new Geto Boys CD (The Foundation) took Mr. Scarface away on a big promotional blitz.

One show was a Tsunami Relief benefit put together by Levon Louis, and featured Guy Schwartz' New Jack Hippies on the bill, so the Sirius Hippies cameras were there. This DVD was filmed and recorded at that show...

Price: $19.00 Domestic (USD)

Price: 19.00 (EUR) Europe, Japan & Elsewhere

Billy Joe Shaver
North Carolina Live

In the summer of 2006, Billy Joe Shaver performed under a fifty foot wide Texas flag at the fabulous Stephens Center at The North Carolina School for the Arts in Winston-Salem, North Carolina!

It was an acoustic show, featuring a full acoustic band, Diamondback Texas.

Bob Dylan & Willie Nelson think that Billy Joe Shaver just might be the best songwriter in the world.

It was a beautiful show, and we were lucky to be filming that night...

Price: $19.00 Domestic (USD)

Price: 19.00 (EUR) Europe, Japan & Elsewhere

Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies
plus many guest artists...

Bluesguy's Rock & Roll House Party

In 2005, Guy Schwartz decided to take his annual Birthday Jam' off of the radio and out of the clubs, so they could rock all day with lots of friends - right at home!

With his band, The New Jack Hippies, Guy provided musical support for a dozen friends, as Marlo, Levon, Pamela, DJ Woo and Adrienne provided movie-making support.

It was a hell of a party, featuring The New Jack Hippies fronted by Opie Hendrix, Jimmy Deen, E.P.Vallejo, P.J. Flowers, Carrie Ann Buchanan, Norm Buster Pennington, and sets by Chango Jackson, Vertigo Blue and a special Z-ROCKS reunion! On these 2 discs, you can join the party again and again - any time you wish!!

Price: $19.00 Domestic (USD)

Price: 19.00 (EUR) Europe, Japan & Elsewhere

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