Hippies.TV Season One on 6 DVDs

Hippies.TV Season One
18 Episodes on 6 DVDs!

Episodes Included -

Poetry In Reverse starring Kool B, Ragah El The International, Aaron Trumm, Lyric Osirus, Michael Woodson, Alex Wukman.

SOUTH BY DUE EAST 2003 starring Chango Jackson, Opie Hendrix, Los Skarnales, Gloria Edwards, Guy schwartz & the New Jack Hippies, Hollister Fracus. a dozen more...

Lost In Time starring Dubtex, Motograter, Tin Henry, Brio Kids, Chris Anderson, Citizen Change, Opie Hendrix, Hollister Fracus, many more...

Bluesguy's Birthday Jam '04 starring Little Joe Washington, Tracy Conover, Sonny Boy Terry, Heath Spencer Philip, Guy Schwartz & the New Jack Hippies, Mark Zeus, more...

Dr. Zoomack's last Jam starring Goodtrain Sessions, Teri Greene, Sandy Hickey, Sonny Boy Terry, Big Al Bettis, more...

This BONEMAN A tribute to the late, great Big Bil Gonce, local musicians friend and patron, and reporter for The Music News, for over a quarter century.

Bloodless Revolution starring Carolyn Wonderland

Radio Purmerend starring Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies.

Nashville Starstruck starring Billy Block, Opie Hendrix, Allie Danielle, 10 more...

HTR Benefit starring Mr. Scarface, The Formaldehyde Funk Men, Gloria Edwards, Dubtex, Neutral sisters, Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies.

420 Fest 2005 starring The Hightailers, Ed Rosenthal, Mark May & the Agitators, Dean Becker, Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies..

Wonderjam 2004 starring Carolyn Wonderland, Austin Volunteer Orchestra, Matt Hubbard, Scott Daniels. Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies, Wayne Sutton...

The Chuck Crow Benefit starring Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies, Carolyn Wonderland, Tracy Conover, Heath Spencer Philip, Jerald Gray.

Bayou Blues Weekend starring Trudy Lynn, Little Joe Washington, Gloria Edwards, Joe 'Guitar' Hughes, Andy 'Too Hard for Texas' Williams.


Kinney Abair live @ earthwire.net

Gotta Keep The Music Alive starring Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies

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