SOUTH BY DUE EAST 2016 - Submit Yourself For Consideration - Original Music - Independant Bands From Houston, Texas, USA

Thank you for your interest in submitting your music for

Open submissions begin August 15th, 2017!

Original music only!

We recommend that everyone considering submission
begin by reading the 'artist info letter'.

Most of the artists who are taped at SOUTH BY DUE EAST are done so by invitation,
but we are happy to accept open submissions,
which allow us to include artists we may not have considered.

Early submission fee is $30 until October 1st, 2017
and regular submissions (accepted until December 25th) are $40.
All artists submitted before December 25th will be considered in the same pool.
Late submissions will be taken until February 1, 2018 for $50,
but will be considered only to fill-in for cancellations &
may not appear on all advertising and schedules.

This year, to help us find artists we might not otherwise find,
and to help defray our costs,
we have also held 4 slots available as a 'video session for sale'.
(no guarantee of TV airing or editing included),
and 5 slots to TEACH THE BAND A SONG,
using The New Jack Hippies as
YOUR BAND for one original song in front of the cameras.

All artists accepted will have
multi-camera video & multi-track audio shot & recorded by pros.
We'll use some of the best performances in our TV series, clips and films,
and the artists can use the footage and recordings however they wish.

Thanks for your support and participation!

Submission Fees
Home Base
Artist name

We still need help to defray our costs.
We are not in the same financial shape as in previous years,
so any extra help is appreciated!